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Leadership comprises many elements and we challenge these from the theoretical to the practical. Programs are tailored to each group allowing challenges to be set outside of comfort zones.


Beyond Leadership provides effective, field tested leadership training custom-made for different contexts.

Leadership opportunities provided to students in our schools have the potential to shape the future leaders of the world, but are we challenging them enough? Are they learning enough? Are they reflective enough? Are they resilient enough?

Educators assume the burden of preparing adolescents for uncertain times when they leave school. Most educational systems are grappling with decisions around what content will be relevant for the school leaver in the early to mid 21stcentury and how best to deliver that content.

Most schools provide leadership opportunities for their students and with those opportunities comes a range of tasks to plan, prepare and execute. Often, there can be less time to reflect and strategize about how to have the most significant impact as a leader.

Using psychological constructs based on extensive research, Beyond Leadership provides students with scenarios that allow for high level experiential learning. Our workshops help to provide guidance for strategic and operational planning relevant to the leadership role the person holds. Simultaneously, we challenge participants to reflect inwardly as we explore negative self-talk and the behaviours we exhibit that either take us away or move us towards being the leader we want to be.

Our workshops explore psychological concepts to help understand how people think and then how that influences their behaviour. We use practical experiences in a variety of settings that provide real time opportunities to develop communication skills, different leadership styles, creativity, and an understanding of social cognition and influence.

Leadership Team

Dave Scholz

David has a significant background in sports coaching and 18 years of experience as an educational leader, including a variety of roles including Head of Faculty, Head of School, Student Wellbeing Roles and Boarding Leadership. He has worked in a variety of school settings in Australia and the United Kingdom and has a Bachelor of Education (Secondary Phys. Ed.) and a Masters of Education (Leadership and Management). David is a passionate sports coach and is a level 3 Cricket Australia Coach. He has worked extensively in South Australian cricket high performance programs as head coach and individual skills coach, and is currently a specialist coach at Adelaide University Cricket Club and Senior Girls AFL coach at Scotch College. David has completed a Graduate Diploma of Psychology in 2018 from Monash University and honours of psychological science at Adelaide University in 2019.

Over his time as an educator, David has developed a leadership program for school students which has been strengthened with the introduction of group dynamics activities combined with a range of comfort zone stretching outdoor pursuits. The program combines his sporting and educational experiences with his study in organisational psychology to provide the foundations for secondary school students to become outstanding leaders at school and beyond.

Rob Stillwell

Rob is passionate about holistic education and believes the outdoors is the perfect medium to learn about leadership, group development, sustainability and resilience. After cutting his teeth as a freelance outdoor instructor and corporate leadership workshop facilitator Rob completed a Masters of Teaching in 2010 and has spearheaded the Scotch College Outdoor Education program since 2014. An outdoor enthusiast at heart, Rob recognises the importance of developing leadership skills outside of the classroom using a practical approach. This characteristic has facilitated an industry leading approach which was again confirmed during a recent presentation at the National Outdoor Education Conference. Rob drives the practical experiences within Beyond Leadership’s programs allowing theories to be tested in practice. His knowledge and experience, along with innovative approach of activity design will challenge students to work outside of their comfort zone and quickly develop skills of leadership and self-awareness through the use of critical feedback.


Rob Stillwell


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David Scholz


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