We unlock leadership potential & provide the tools to create self reflective, driven leaders.


Our schools are comprised of the future leaders of humanity, their success will help to shape the potential of civilisation.

Educators bear the burden of preparing our current adolescents for uncertain times when they leave school. Most educational systems are grappling with decisions around what content will be relevant for the school leaver in the early to mid 21st century and how best to deliver that content.

Most schools provide leadership opportunities for their students and with those opportunities comes a range of tasks to plan, prepare and execute. Often, there can be less time to reflect and strategize about how to have the most significant impact as a leader.

Through experiential learning underpinned by psychology, Beyond Leadership works with secondary school students to unlock leadership potential, adding value to the opportunities schools provide in the leadership for students space.  Read more…

Program Outcomes

We help develop understanding through self-reflection and planning for specific leadership roles. We use psychological concepts to help understand how people think and then how that influences their behaviour. We use practical experiences in a variety of settings that provide real time opportunities to develop communication skills, different leadership styles, creativity, and an understanding of social cognition and influence.

Psychology of Leadership

Most people can think back to a particular leader we have come in contact with, whether it be a teacher, a coach or a leader in another setting that has had a positive influence on our lives. Alternatively, we can probably think of a leader that has been less than positive, either adding no value to our existence or making our involvement in the group they are leading less inviting to be a part of.

What makes them different, what makes a successful leader? Is it an ability to focus a group on a set task, is it developing good relationships, is it having an inspirational vision or is it something else completely?

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Experiential Education

How do you learn best? For me, I love being able to really live the experience. As a society we vary in how we engage with new information, therefore the ability to learn through doing is a key component of all Beyond Leadership courses.

Throughout each participants experience they will have a range of opportunities to trial what they are learning in a practical sense. These opportunities will challenge students to not just do what they know, but potentially try and fail.

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